From Beginner to Grandmaster

Slovenian GMs Beliavsky, Mikhalchisin, Lenic and Pavasovic published new e-book!

From Beginner to Grandmaster


It all started with our live chess games on The majority of our chess fans from the streaming channel were players who rated anywhere between 1400 and 2200. One of the most common questions we encountered from chat rooms came from players who struggled with game plateau: “I am a 1800 player and I feel I’ve hit the wall with regards to my improvement techniques. What should I do?”

This question provoked us into exploring what we could do for these particular types of chess players. These are the players who cannot afford several hours a day to practice chess, nor do they have the means to hire a professional coach. How could we help them improve in ways where they wouldn’t see it as hard work - but rather as a practical and fun approach to learning?

This is why we have created this unique e-book. Written by four renowned Chess Grandmasters, this book offers a step-by-step blueprint on how to improve at the game of games - chess. Although it is primarily written for beginners and intermediate players, advanced players can also gain inspiration from this book. As long as you feel that chess has a hold on you and you possess a need to master the game, you will benefit from the written content of this book. We surf through all the important aspects of a chess game and offer our own unique and in-depth experience to give you the whole package of learning.

The four co-authors are led by Grandmaster Alexander Beliavsky - a 4-time USSR champion who reached 3rd in the world chess ranking at his peak. Beliavsky competed in countless super Grandmaster events and successfully reached the final stages of the candidates matches on numerous occasions. Known for his relentless fighting spirit and analytical stamina, he has coached chess monsters such as Garry Kasparov, Vachiere Lagrave, Morozevich, Jobava and Anna and Maria Muzichuk.

As Grandmaster and Chairman of the FIDE Trainer’s Commission, Adrian Mikhalchishin is regarded as one of the best chess coaches in the world. He has coached chess champions such as Anatoly Karpov, Maya Chiburdanidze, Vasily Ivanchuk, Marta Litinska, Alisa Maric and Aleksander Beliavsky. He previously served as the trainer of the USSR team, who were winners of the European and World championships in 1989. He is also the author of more than 20 chess books. Before his career as a chess trainer, he won many international tournaments and was a strong and feared competitor.

Luka Lenič is a Slovenian Grandmaster, youth world champion of 2002, and a four-time Slovenian Champion. He was on the first board of the national team and is currently the highest rated player in Slovenia. He also serves as a member of the Chess Grandmaster Team and is the youngest player on the team. He still competes regularly and successfully. His current rating is 2646.

Duško Pavasović is a Grandmaster and 3-time Slovenian champion who qualified twice for the World Cup. He finished 4th in the European chess championship in 2009. He is also a high stakes poker regular as well as a poker coach. Duško and Luka are co-founders of the Chess Raiders mobile application, which comes recommended by the Fide Trainer’s Commission for chess improvement.

When chess players reach a certain level at their game, it is commonplace that they find themselves stuck and uncertain on what to improve. What should they study? How much time should be dedicated to openings, endings, calculations, and studying the classics? Where can they obtain the materials to study, improve and at the same time - have fun? How can they improve their results in competitions? This book is here to provide all the answers.

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