European Blitz and Rapid Chess Championship 2017

The competiton was held in Katowice (Poland) from 16th to 17th of December 2017.

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European Blitz and Rapid Chess Championship 2017

In blitz competition 1091 players from 40 countries were participating. Among them 66 GM, 4 WGM and 66 IMs.

The tournament was won by Segei Zhigalko from Belarus, 2nd was Luke McShane from England and 3rd Peter Michalik from Chech Republic.

Blitz - results

In rapid competition 1181 players from 41 countries were participating. 

The tournament was surprisingly won by IM Vavulin Maxsim from Russia, 2nd was local hero Jan - Krysztof Duda and 3rd Ponkratov Pavel from Russia.

Rapid - results

In both competitons GM Adrian Mikhalchishin played fantastic chess and won among Seniors - great achievement!


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